Thank You from Anna Tobin & The Hub

As we embark upon Spring, Meals on Wheels wants to say thank you. Last November, our community voted in support of the senior services levy, making it clear that an overwhelming majority of Fairfield County voters support the provision of services addressing the health and wellbeing of our county’s aging population.  In addition, because of the caring community in which we live, the agency celebrated 50 years of providing continuous care to our older adult neighbors. We recognize and appreciate the support of our community in both of these accomplishments.

Elderly woman smiling in doorway.As we roll into the next season of our agency’s existence, we know the future will continue to change and we, as a supportive organization, will change along with it. For the past 50 years, our agency has served as the county’s central point for administering programs and services for our county’s aged population. We are excited for our future and the prospect of serving more individuals, adding new programs, and welcoming more volunteers into our fold. In essence, we hope to continue to play the role of the centralized hub for the older population in our community for years to come. And to better represent the complete scope of services we provide, we have recently completed a rebranding process and are excited to announce the agency’s new name:   The Senior Hub of Fairfield County.

In the landscape of aging, The Senior Hub remains attentive to the difficulties faced by older adults in navigating the complex challenges of maintaining their physical, mental, and social health. By offering cost-effective alternatives to expensive healthcare options, The Senior Hub not only ensures the independence and well-being of older adults, but also saves taxpayers money in the long run. The ability to provide a year of care for the cost of a single day in the hospital or seven days in a nursing home demonstrates the agency’s dedication to maximizing the impact of every dollar invested. But more importantly, it ensures more time that a person can remain living with dignity and respect as they age safely in their own home.

Elderly woman talking with volunteer visitor.Our objective remains to be “the local resource to ensure health, connection, and independence for older adults living in Fairfield County.” The Senior Hub provides over 20 unique services and resources to help ensure that no need goes unmet. While meal delivery and congregate meal sites are our hallmark services, the commitment extends beyond that, comprising of personal, health, and financial support. From home repairs and pet care to transportation, bill-paying services, and adaptive equipment loans, The Senior Hub is a comprehensive solution provider. The dedicated staff and volunteers of The Senior Hub not only address practical needs but also promote social interaction, conduct safety checks, and alleviate isolation for older adults in the community.

Regardless of our name, address, or who is at the helm, our steadfast commitment to older adults living in our community will never change. That‘s because of you, our community, who continues to support our mission, our projects, our programs, our services, and one another.

Thank you,

Anna Tobin, Executive Director
The Senior Hub, your local Meals on Wheels provider

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Anna Tobin, executive director of Meals on Wheels FAIRFIELD COUNTY

By Anna Tobin

Anna Tobin is the Executive Director of Meals on Wheels Fairfield County and has over 17 years of experience in the management of countywide, non-profit, social service organizations.