Public Meeting: The Cedar Hill Road Plan

The City of Lancaster is reaching out to residents and business owners for their input on revitalizing the western gateway to Lancaster along Cedar Hill Road / SR-188.  You know the area – as you exit US-33 at the new Love’s Truck Stop and enjoy the rolling hills of Fairfield County, you start to see some homes and businesses, then you make a tight left turn at Lincoln Avenue / SR-22 and sometimes need to back up at the intersection to allow semi trucks to make the turn.  Once on Lincoln, you’re greeted with junk yards, used car lots, and gas stations, then the County Jail, until you reach the historic downtown.  This isn’t exactly a welcoming impression of Lancaster.  And it is what comes from a lack of city planning.

Your participation is needed to create a shared vision for the future of Cedar Hill Road in Lancaster.  We want to hear from you!

Thanks to the citizens of Lancaster who voted for the income tax levy, the City has been able to hire a City Planner, Phyllicia Campbell, and a planning consultant, Holly Mattei of Crossroads Community Planning.  These two brought together a steering committee (including yours truly) and began with a traffic and use observation study.  Yes, I took a shift and sat out on the corner of Pierce and Cedar Hill Road / SR 188 to document the number of pedestrians and cyclists and where they were headed.

The Planning Department sent out a survey and asked interested respondents who live in the area to attend a focus group.  Based on the feedback from that focus group (for example, the desire for a dog park), the Planning Department created a visual map of the area to show a conceptual plan.

The Cedar Hill Road Area Plan covers the area from West Mulberry on the north to Ohio Avenue on the west, the neighborhood south of Cedar Hill Road (includes S. Cedar Avenue, S. Baker Avenue, and Arney Avenue), and Martens Park to Lincoln Ave / SR-22 on the south, and the Hocking River on the east (not quite all the way to Memorial Drive).

The next step is to share the recommendations with the public.  Everyone is invited, but the City is especially interested in hearing from residents and business owners in the Cedar Hill Road area.  The plans will be on display at Meals on Wheels located at 1515 Cedar Hill Road on Wednesday November 15th from 3pm – 6pm.  Representatives from the Planning Department and the Community Development Department will be there to discuss the plan and gather suggestions and concerns from the public.

This is not the last time we will be asking for input.  If you would like to participate in the Cedar Hill Road Area plan, contact the Planning & Zoning Department at (740) 681-5017.

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Lynda Berge Disser

By Lynda Berge Disser

Lynda Berge Disser started her community development career in 1991 as director of a non-profit housing organization in an historic neighborhood. She has led training workshops for community-driven housing and commercial development across the country and has written grants that have brought in over $100 million for community development. Lynda currently serves as Director of the City of Lancaster's Community Development Department.