Privacy Policy


How and why does The Lancaster Herald collect and use my data?

To create the better visitor experiences, we may access website analytics that provide us insight regarding visitor interests. We may choose to show you specific content based on your visitation history without knowing who you are specifically.  Google Analytics does not allow us to attach your website visitation specifically to your personal information. Your visitation statistics are anonymous.

The Lancaster Herald will be primarily funded by advertising and content sponsorship. Both functions require the use of visitor data. For example, our advertisers and content sponsors may ask us to use visitor data to determine the value of their advertising and sponsorship. The information provided by website statistics assists us in targeting their ads to visitors who would find their products and services of potential interest.

If you make a purchase through our online shop, our merchant gateway partner, PayPal, will collect your payment and shipping details. No data collected during your transaction process is stored by The Lancaster Herald but completed transaction data, not including credit card data, may be accessed by us via PayPal in order to facilitate refunds,  troubleshoot shipping or assist with other purchase-related issues. The Lancaster Herald does not save or store your credit card data.

If you purchase Classified or Display Advertising, our merchant gateway partner, PayPal, will collect your payment details in order to complete your transaction. The Lancaster Herald does not save or store your payment or personal data but transaction data, not including credit card data, may be accessed by us via PayPal in order to facilitate refunds or troubleshoot purchase-related issues.

What type of data is collected about me when I’m accessing The Lancaster Herald?

The Lancaster Herald collects two types of data: direct and indirect. Direct data is data you submit to us:

– When you create an account to use services on the website
– When you submit a form disclosing your contact information
– When you sign up to receive content from us delivered via email

Indirect data is data retrieved for website analytics purposes. Google Analytics are used on The Lancaster Herald website to collect anonymous data about your visits including the content your read, how often you visit the website, activities you may engage in while on the website.  This indirect data does NOT identify you personally – it represents only that ‘this visitor’ did ‘these things’ while visiting the website.

If we allow third-party advertisers space on the website, they may collect behavioral data associated with their ads shown on our website such as whether a click was made on the advertisement.  At this time, we do not have third-party advertisers on the website, nor do we collect data about visitors from sources including privately-owned databases or social media platforms.

What does The Lancaster Herald do with data it collects on me?

We use it to understand the bigger picture of how our visitors in aggregate are using the website – which content is most accessed (of interest) and where we can make improvements. With that understanding, we may refine and better the content and offerings we show you, such as recommending stories that may be of interest. We may also use your anonymous data to tailor your experience, which includes marketing and advertising.

How are you keeping my data safe?

If you provide us direct data – your name, email address and other contact information, we use contemporary, recommended processes and structures to keep those details secure.  If you make a purchase through The Lancaster Herald website, the information provided will be handled by a third-party merchant gateway (PayPal) that assumes responsibility for security of the data you share and the transaction.

No financial data is ever stored by or on The Lancaster Herald’s website data stores.

The Lancaster Herald website is hosted at GoDaddy on a dedicated hosting service where network security is managed by the GoDaddy team. All reasonable and recommended procedures for securing the website, its data and its user data, are performed and updated as needed.

If you choose to share personally-identifiable information through your use of The Lancaster Herald’s classified advertising or commenting options, The Lancaster Herald is not responsible for restricting public access to the data you chose to share.