(with Bay’s Pork Belly)

This is one of the top three best things I’ve ever made. The recipe is a mash-up of multiple recipes I found, combining what I thought would be the best seasonings and techniques to get the signature crispy outer shell and tender, juicy meat. The flavors are so full and rich – it’s a perfectly balanced roast with herbaceous heat from the pan-toasted pepper and fennel seeds and is a show-stopper sandwich for game day. (But you have to prep a few days in advance!)

I bought my pork belly at Bay’s Food Market here in Lancaster, Ohio and, as always, got amazing quality meat and friendly service at the butcher counter.

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Chris Shirer, Publisher of The Lancaster Herald

By Chris Shirer

Chris Shirer is the publisher of The Lancaster Herald. You’ll find her walking all over Lancaster sometimes accompanied by her investigative reporter dogs Rocket and Lily.