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Financial Literacy Month is observed each year in the month of April. At Park National Bank, we believe educating our community in financial literacy is crucial to helping our clients and communities achieve financial success and independence.

“Lights, Camera, Save!”

Each year Park National Bank participates in the American Bankers Association Foundation’s “Lights, Camera, Save!” national video contest. Park National Bank collaborates with our local school districts to sponsor and host the contest. The contest gives teens a chance to educate themselves about building sound financial habits through creating a 30-second video.

In 2022, Park National Bank was one of 89 bank participants who hosted local levels of the competition and selected a winner to represent their bank and compete on the national level. Lancaster High School student Brodie Bosworth, representing Park National Bank, won first place in the national contest with his video “Money Tree.” Brodie’s video highlighted smart banking choices and demonstrated how money can grow when you save.

“It was exciting to see Brodie win this national competition and be recognized for his hard work on such a creative video,” Park National Bank Regional President Laura Tussing said. “Park believes strongly in teaching our youth the value of saving for the future, and the ‘Lights, Camera, Save!’ program gave Brodie and Park a fantastic platform to educate our community.”

Lancaster High School student and "Lights, Camera, Save" video competition winner Brodie Bosworth standing with giant check for five-thousand dollars alongside representatives from Park National Bank.

Lancaster High School student Brodie Bosworth, representing Park National Bank, wins first place in American Bankers Association Foundation’s “Lights, Camera, Save!” national video contest. Pictured left to right: Dustin Poling, Trust Officer, Laura Tussing, Regional President, Brodie Bosworth, contest winner, Eric Croft, Regional Retail Leader, Delainey McIlwain, Community Relations Coordinator.

Real Money Real World

Park National Bank is also proud to partner with many local organizations to provide financial education to our community, through teaching about the importance of credit, budgeting, investment basics and money management. Park bankers assist in facilitating Real Money Real World through OSU Extension of Fairfield County, which is an interactive spending simulation that provides the opportunity for students to make lifestyle and budget choices similar to real-life situations.

Park National Bank's Real Money Real World team on-site for a school presentation teaching students how money is managed in real world situations

Park National Bank staff participating in the OSU Extension of Fairfield County Real Money Real World. Pictured here: Amber Glenn, Cash Management, Pamela Stump, Memorial Drive Branch Manager, Molly Bates, Division Retail Manager, Delainey McIlwain, Community Relations Coordinator

The Financial Literacy Seminar Series

In partnership with Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan, and Ohio University Lancaster, Park National Bank started a free Financial Literacy Seminar Series. This series covers a wide range of topics which allow bankers to share expertise on the home lending process, how to build and repair credit, careers in banking and finance, fundamentals of investing and more. These partnerships have provided our community members with the tools they need to achieve their financial goals.

Managing finances can sometimes be intimidating and planning is a key element to financial wellness. Our home lending professionals help first time homebuyers understand the basics of the home buying process through their Homebuyer Education Workshop. This workshop focuses on prequalification, important mortgage and home lending terms, understanding different loan types, programs and grants, all to make the dream of homeownership a reality. Park National Bank’s investment and estate planning professionals seek to make the world of investing less daunting by teaching courses on planning for retirement, estate planning, stock investing and more.

*Investment products are not FDIC insured, not bank guaranteed, and may lose value.

At Park National Bank, we are committed to helping our community expand their financial knowledge. Enhancing financial literacy is crucial in helping individuals become more financially secure and to better prepare and overcome financial roadblocks. Interested in connecting with Park National Bank to host a financial seminar? Contact Delainey McIlwain, Community Relations Coordinator, for more details.

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Park National Bank Corporation, headquartered in Newark, Ohio, is committed to helping the communities it serves expand their financial knowledge.