Now Hiring! City Planner Position in Lancaster, Ohio

The City of Lancaster is hiring a new City Planner!  With all of the momentum for growth in Lancaster, this position offers a tremendous opportunity for someone who wants to lead the City’s efforts as we plan for the future.

Looking for someone to “implement a planning-forward mindset and practices” within Lancaster, the City’s posting says the Planner “will serve as the main point of contact for the Administration and Council regarding future developments.”

This is an extremely important position for the City of Lancaster because it was created in 2022 so it is still fairly new, and, because there is so much potential and opportunity for development.  Having someone with planning experience is critical to establish processes and procedures and grow the department as the city grows.

Leadership and collaboration skills are essential because the Planner works with other departments such as Community Development, Economic Development, Engineering, Parks and Recreation, and Water and Water Pollution Control to draw various development projects together – commercial and residential projects, both new construction and renovations, infrastructure, and subdivisions.

In 2023, City staff and community members painstakingly reviewed and revised the City’s Zoning Code, and a new Zoning Code Inspector was hired.  These efforts have both built the capacity of the department and set the stage for better standards and guidance for developers.

City Council members and Administrators alike have called for a comprehensive, community-wide plan for Lancaster, to be led by the new Planner.  Smaller area plans would be created in alignment with the comprehensive plan for focused improvements around the community.

There is great pride in Lancaster for our heritage district which is due in large part to our robust Historic Commission which preserves and protects appropriate investments in the historic downtown. Similarly, the Planner works with the Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission to plan for and implement appropriate development throughout the city.

The City of Lancaster’s Planner position is an opportunity for someone with planning experience who is ready to lead an emerging department in a growing city.

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Lynda Berge Disser

By Lynda Berge Disser

Lynda Berge Disser started her community development career in 1991 as director of a non-profit housing organization in an historic neighborhood. She has led training workshops for community-driven housing and commercial development across the country and has written grants that have brought in over $100 million for community development. Lynda currently serves as Director of the City of Lancaster's Community Development Department.