Lancaster Sanitation – Your Spring Cleaning Helper

One of the best services provided by the City of Lancaster, Ohio is Bulk Trash Pick-Up service.

For residents who don’t have access to a vehicle to haul away larger garage and home clean-up items, the city crew will swing by and pick-up for you (and sweep up the sidewalk if anything breaks)!

It’s reasonably-priced with charges applied to your next Lancaster Utilities bill. Base charge is $25 for the first cubic yard (3ft. long, 3ft. wide and 3 ft. high) and $18.75 for each additional cubic yard. (As of April 2024.)

These pick-ups are scheduled and cannot be requested for ‘same day.’ Residents are required to place the items in the area where normal trash pick-up happens and assure nothing is blocking them so the picker can do its work.

To make an appointment, simply call the Sanitation Department at (740) 687-6660 and follow the prompts to request a ‘Bulk Pick-Up.’ They’ll ask you to provide a general idea of what will be picked up and your pick-up items will be checked over when they arrive with the picker.

And… yard waste pick-up season has begun, effective April 1st! For guidelines on how, where and when to package and set out your yard waste for pick-up, visit the Sanitation Department’s Yard Waste Guidelines page at the City of Lancaster website.

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View from Mt. Pleasant in Lancaster, Ohio

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