Help Welcome Our New Ukrainian Neighbors to Lancaster, Ohio

Faced with an unimaginable situation, Yevhenni and Masha packed up their two young children and left everything they ever knew behind in their home in Irpin, a suburb just outside of the capital city of Kyiv, Ukraine.

They took refuge in northern France, but as the war in Ukraine carries on, it has become apparent that returning home isn’t an option. They love their home and their town, and have hope that it will be restored someday, but they know they have to move forward for now.

While France has provided a temporary safe haven, making it their new home permanently wouldn’t be ideal. As war refugees, they aren’t permitted to seek permanent jobs and they do not speak French. However, they can speak English, and they have made the brave decision to start a new life here in the United States.

Most of us have watched helplessly from afar as war ravages Ukraine, heartbroken and wanting to help with no idea how. This is how. We may not be able to change the world, but we can come together and make a big change for this little family.

They are set to arrive in Lancaster in late June, and all they will have is what will fit in their suitcases. Your gift will help cover the household essentials and basic monthly expenses for the first few months while they are getting on their feet, obtaining work permits, testing for driver’s licenses, and securing employment. Businesses are welcome to make gifts of goods or services, anything to help make this transition easier.

We aren’t a big charity, we are just an ordinary Lancaster family, like all of you, which means every penny will go directly to supporting this sweet family as they start this new chapter in the great state of OH-IO!

Make an Online Donation

If you or your company would like to make donations of goods, services or in person financial gifts, please contact Shannon Humphrey.

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Shannon Humphrey, Community Contributor to the Lancaster Herald, Lancaster, Ohio.

By Shannon Humphrey

Shannon Humphrey lives in Lancaster with her husband Lance and their 4 children, Preston Piper Poet & Patience. She spent 20 years moving wherever the USAF sent her husband, and is finally back "home" where her story began.