The Pittsburgh Sandwich at Strong & Co.

Did another trip up the road, this time to Strong & Co. in Somerset, for a nostalgic trip to Pittsburgh! Let me explain…

There are few things more perfect than a sandwich with fries and cole slaw ON the sandwich. That’s a Pittsburgh delicacy made famous by its originator, Primanti Bros.

The story goes that the original Primanti Bros. location in Pittsburgh’s Strip District would open at 11 pm and close at 7 am, serving mostly the drivers of semis hauling produce to “The Strip” where local chefs and would swing by to purchase for their kitchens. The semi drivers needed to keep moving so the Primanti cooks would stuff the sides (fries and cole slaw) into the sandwich and wrap it up tight so it was a ‘one-hand meal.’  Drop your load, swing by Primanti’s for a sammich and get back on the road!

When word got out there was a late night spot for a great sandwich, Pittsburgh weekend merrymakers would line-up at 2 am to break their post-club disco fever with a hearty Primanti Bros. sammich. (Was I there? With bells on, in a loud, long, line that spilled out onto the sidewalk.)

So imagine my delight when I discovered The Pittsburgh Sandwich on the menu at Strong & Co.! They’ve done the sandwich great justice – it’s as close as you’re going to get to the original and their choice of pairing their house-smoked brisket and capicola meats is perfect. It comes with a side of their crispy, salty shoestring fries.

Strong & Co. is a great stop for many standouts – the weekend brunch Breakfast Pizza paired with a creamy Nespresso coffee, the House-Smoked Garlic Parmesan Wings, the Baja Shrimp Tacos, Lobster Roll, and an excellent cocktail selection.

Their new, spacious, shaded outdoor patio provides a front row seat for watching out-of-towners try to figure out why everyone is waving at them to “just GO!” when they yield instead of diving right into the roundabout. (It’s the only roundabout in the state of Ohio that expects you to yield to the right, not left. You can purchase a very funny commemorative t-shirt that celebrates this at (Mid)Western Second Hand right down the block.)

And maybe one of the best things about Strong & Co. is the service. More than one server has shared that they came to work there because when they visited as a paying guest, they enjoyed it so much they wanted to be there all the time. They’re friendly and prompt. It’s a great experience every time.

Thanks, Strong & Co., for the memories and the happy times!

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Chris Shirer, Publisher of The Lancaster Herald

By Chris Shirer

Chris Shirer is the publisher of The Lancaster Herald. You’ll find her walking all over Lancaster sometimes accompanied by her investigative reporter dogs Rocket and Lily.