Fairfield County Health Department to Award Restaurants

The Fairfield County Health Department (FCHD) is initiating a Gold Medal Award Program in recognition for high-performing food service operations and retail food establishments. This program will recognize operations that consistently perform exceptionally well throughout the licensing year. Operations that finish the year with no critical or non-critical violations identified during routine inspections will qualify for the Gold Medal Award.

Award winners are selected based on the number of food code violations. Operations can be disqualified from eligibility if they fail to meet any of the standards of the FCHD Food Safety Program. The following issues will disqualify an operation from winning the award:

• Implicated in a foodborne illness outbreak
• Subject of more than one valid consumer complaint
• A routine inspection that requires a special follow-up inspection
• Failure to pay license fee by the March 1 deadline

FCHD is excited to work with our food establishments on this program and recognize facilities that go above and beyond consistently to keep our Fairfield County residents safe and healthy.

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