Fairfield County Foundation Raises Record $313,996, Names Bonus Awards

The Fairfield County Foundation hosted its annual “Get Your Give On” event on November 28th, raising a record amount and gifting $10,000 in bonus awards to ten participating funds chosen by random drawing on December 1st.

The Foundation’s Give events began in 2014, making this year the 10th anniversary, and the community celebrated accordingly! During this year’s 34-Hour Give, which began at 8:00 am on Tuesday, Nov. 28 and ran through Nov. 29 at 6:00 pm, the Foundation raised $313,996.

A total of $34,000 in matching gifts were awarded by the Foundation, as well as an additional $10,000 in recognition of the 10th anniversary, making the total award to participating funds $357,996.

“Each year, I am truly in awe of how the community comes out to support this event. This year, we celebrated 10 years getting our give on and this community showed up in a big way,” said Fairfield County Foundation CEO, Amy Eyman.

“We have raised nearly $1.5 million through these events and when you add the Foundation’s match, that is almost $1.8 million to support our community. We simply could not have built such a successful event without the support of our local non-profits who raise awareness and every single donor that calls, walks through our door, or gives online during the time window. We are so grateful to serve this community.”

The Foundation matched funds contributed during the 34-Hour Give on a pro-rata basis, which gives everyone who participates the opportunity to have their donations increased. The $10,000 bonus gift in recognition of the 10th anniversary was awarded as $1,000 contributions to 10 participating funds, which were chosen out of a fishbowl on Facebook Live at noon on Friday, Dec. 1:

− Lancaster Campground Quality of Life Scholarship
− Pickerington-Violet Township Historical Society Fund
− Lancaster High School Class of 1957 Scholarship Fund
− Scipio Smith Statue Fund
− Mowry Family Fund
− Peters Planetarium Preservation Fund
− Big Brothers Big Sisters of Fairfield County Agency Fund
− St. John’s Episcopal Church Mithoff Fund
− Chase Haley Project Fund
− Jessie J. Smith Christian Advancement Fund

Learn more about the 33-Hour Give.

About the Fairfield County Foundation
The Fairfield County Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that along with its supporters, helps to sustain and enhance the quality of life and economic viability in our community. Its scholarship program helps to sustain opportunities for local
youth to achieve their academic goals. The Foundation was formed in 1989 and grants today continue to support the arts, children’s programs, health and wellness projects, community development, academics, and more. For more information, please call (740) 654-8451 or visit the Foundation website.

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