Fairfield Today:
Death Trap at OUL & David Uhl

In this week’s Fairfield Today, Paul kicks off with Emma Clement and Aiden Nicholson. They discuss their roles in Death Trap, staging March 14th – 17th  at the Ohio University Lancaster Theatre. After a quick break, Director Victor Jones takes their place in the hot seat and talks to Paul about Death Trap and many other irons in the fire for the 2024 OUL Theatre schedule. In the second segment, Superintendent and CEO David Uhl of the  Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities stops by to talk about the upcoming annual Celebration of Possibilities on March 20th and brings to attention that March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

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Paul Jassogne, host of Fairfield Today in Lancaster, Ohio

By Paul Jassogne

Paul Jassogne is a Lancaster native and Army veteran. He’s been interviewing local business, non-profit and community leaders on his Fairfield Today program, produced by Innerphase Video Productions, since 2010.