Community Cross Stitch

We had a shop called Rabbit & Rocket in downtown Lancaster, Ohio that sold stitching and knitting supplies. It opened just before the 2019 pandemic and did not make it – closing in March 2021.

During the time the shop was open, community members were stopping by to add a few stitches to a Community Cross Stitch sampler – The Flemish Giant by Long Dog Samplers.

Only the first line or two spanning the top was completed when the shop closed.

The shop owner, Chris Shirer, (that’s me) finished the piece in the winter of 2021.

It’s so wide it takes a video to see the whole thing (see below). The completed work, 26 x 13 inches, took approximately 250 hours. That’s long, dog.

Counted cross stitch is unforgiving. If you misplace one stitch, it will throw off everything else you place. Were whole areas pulled out and redone here and there because of a miscounted stitch? Yep. It’s one of those things that you fix because you know you’ll see it every time you look at the piece if you don’t.

The finished piece has yet to be placed anywhere. I’m trying to decide whether to have it framed or turned into a large pillow. Whatever its final form, it was a labor of love that had a wonderful beginning and satisfying end. It will be treasured.

A big thank you to all who took a moment to add a stitch (Katie, Amy, so many more), and those who learned to stitch so they could contribute (looking at you, Christa Moody). I couldn’t let it just sit in the corner. Hoping you will enjoy seeing that it was completed!

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Chris Shirer, Publisher of The Lancaster Herald

By Chris Shirer

Chris Shirer is the publisher of The Lancaster Herald. You’ll find her walking all over Lancaster sometimes accompanied by her investigative reporter dogs Rocket and Lily.