A Note from The Publisher

It’s been just over a year since I launched The Lancaster Herald. My goal was to provide a positive news source and community connection for our southeast Ohio communities. Today, I’m looking for my replacement – someone who would take over as publisher to build on that mission.

In a year’s time, we’ve posted over 300 positive stories and over 2,500 events. Depending on story content, the website receives between 6,000 and 20,000 visits each month. Our stories and events pop up well in online search and are picked up and shared widely on other news platforms. It’s a great little engine for spreading the good word about our people and places.

We have a lively business directory of almost 500 area businesses, a photo gallery of over 100 photos of southeastern Ohio, a recipes collection and a volunteer opportunities page where any organization is welcome to seek volunteers.

So why am I looking for a successor?

My original intent was to support the work we do with advertising but I quickly learned that I simply didn’t have the time to be a salesperson AND publisher / copy editor / website manager while also managing a full-time marketing agency. The Lancaster Herald needs a person (or organization) who can support the roles required to take it to the next level. My inability to commit the time required is hobbling its potential.

This would be a great opportunity for someone who’d like to advance the publication as a business, beyond its current community service role.

I’m hopeful someone who has the same passion for bringing forward the good things about living in our neck of the woods to take over and continue to grow The Lancaster Herald to be all it can be. You would become the publisher and own the business – I’m happy to support with consultation if you feel you need it.

I believe we’ve built a good following and reputation for keeping it positive. The website is equipped with the tools needed to offer and post advertising. I’ve been paying one person out of my own pocket to wrangle all the events postings. She is amazing and is happy to stay on if the site continues forward.

If you’re interested, please contact me. Thanks to all our contributors and friends who’ve made a difference!

Chris Shirer, Publisher

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Chris Shirer, Publisher of The Lancaster Herald

By Chris Shirer

Chris Shirer is the publisher of The Lancaster Herald. You’ll find her walking all over Lancaster sometimes accompanied by her investigative reporter dogs Rocket and Lily.